Data validation overview

Transmit offers easy and secure validation of the identity data provided by customers (such as their names, addresses, emails, etc.). Verifying the accuracy and authenticity of this data allows you to protect account opening and the integrity of user profile data, ensure regulatory compliance, and prevent fraud.

Using a single request, Transmit validates the data using built-in integrations to various third-party providers (including Telesign, EmailHippo, Melissa, and Google), and then returns an aggregated result. So you can benefit from checks performed by multiple providers, without having to sign a contract with them or the additional implementation cost.

By coupling this with our Detection and Response and Identity Verification services, you can create a comprehensive solution for reducing new account fraud, while providing your customers a smooth and secure onboarding experience.

Validation types may include:

  • Email validation
  • Phone validation
  • Address validation
  • Name validation
  • SSN validation
  • Date of birth (DoB) validation

For example, these scenarios are supported:

  • Proof of address (name, SSN (optional), address)
  • Proof of governmental identity (name, SSN)
  • Full identity check (name, SSN, phone, email, address, DoB)
  • Email fraud risk (email)
  • Phone fraud risk (phone)

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