Add LDAP Entry

Adds a new LDAP entry to an external LDAP or Active Directory


This step performs an LDAP add operation to create a new entry in an external LDAP or Active Directory. For example, you can create new entries based on information gathered from a form. Other journey steps may be used to bind entries, delete entries, modify entries, modify passwords of entries, or search entries.

You can specify the LDAP by selecting either an LDAP connection or Active Directory connection. The new LDAP entry is added for the specified DN (distinguished name), with the LDAP attributes specified using expressions.

If the step is successfully completed, the journey continues to the next step, and result data is outputted to a specified variable (if configured).


Field Description
LDAP Provider The LDAP connection or Active Directory connection to use
DN Distinguished name (DN) that uniquely identifies an entry and describes its position in the database. For example: CN=Groups,OU=useast,DC=yourorg,DC=com
Output Variable Name of the variable used to store the result data created by this step. This data represents the LDAP response.
Attributes Each list item represents a single attribute, where the name is the attribute description and the expression yields the value for the attribute. You can specify multiple values for an attribute using an array.

Result Data

The output variable stores the step response object with the following structure:

Field Description
is_successful Boolean. LDAP response which includes the status of the step (success or failure).
result_code Number. LDAP response which includes a numeric result code to categorize the reason for the success or failure.
error_message String. LDAP response message that is included with the result code.