Invoke a Web Service

Uses external web services in your journey.


This step allows you to incorporate external services as part of your journey flow. For example, your journey can send a backend API call to a legacy IDP system. This allows distributed identity flows, as well as in-flow migrations for existing users.

The web services you'd like to use must be configured as External Connections in the platform. The connection will define which parameters are expected as input to the web service request. The step specifies the value for these input parameters using expressions that are evaluated at runtime.

When initiated, the step calls the services you specify with the evaluated input, and then stores the result from each web service in a variable so it can be accessed in subsequent journey steps.


The entire journey will fail if any of the web service functions fail.


Field Description
Web Service Functions List of functions to execute for this step. Each is configured with the name of the Web Service Function and output variable that stores the result, which can be used in subsequent journey steps.


Suppose a Web Service Function called updateUserDetails is created that updates an identity store with user profile data. If an onboarding journey collects user details using a form and stores them in a variable called regForm, this step can be configured to update those details in the identity store: