SDK Overview


The Platform SDK includes all the functionality of the Detection and Response SDK, and more. This SDK is still supported for existing integrations, but new features will only be supported by the Platform SDK.


The Detection and Response SDK is a JavaScript client SDK that collects and submits telemetry data to Transmit Security. When initialized, the client SDK will automatically track and submit information of the user journey using various JS events, browser data and user interaction. Once specific user actions are performed on the client side (such as login), the SDK should be called in order to track those action events. The data collected by the SDK can then be queried for recommendations using Recommendations backend API. Learn more about our detection and response capabilities.

The entry point to the SDK API is set as the window.TSAccountProtection property, once the SDK is loaded by a webpage it will emit a TSAccountProtectionReady event that should be handled by the application to bootstrap and initialize the SDK.