Automated Workflows introduces a comprehensive set of tools to help security and fraud teams streamline their process of resolving security/risk incidents in real-time, as well as running complex on-demand workflows within the Transmit Platform or in conjunction with external parties. This allows you to streamline and standardize case/incident management processes, offload resources, save time, achieve quick resolution, and easily operate case management.

For example, workflows can be used for:

  • Real-time alerting : For each new fraud campaign detected, a Slack message will be sent to a predefined Slack channel.
  • Streamline enforcement : For each new fraud ring detected, a new rule will be created in CloudFlare CDN to block all related IP addresses.
  • Usage tracking : Generate a report of application users, authentication attempts, and new users registered via email or other external channels.
  • Health check : Based on specific failures, send notifications via email or phone.
  • Dormant accounts cleaning : Automatically delete a user's account if they have been inactive for a defined period of time.
  • New device alert : In case of a new device, an email will be sent to notify the user that a new device has been identified.