Create applications

To integrate with Transmit Security, you'll need to configure an application in the Transmit Admin Portal. Depending on your region, select the portal to use:

  1. From Applications , click Add application .

  2. Enter basic application information, including:
    • Name : Application name displayed in the Admin Portal
    • Description : Short description of your application, displayed in the Admin Portal
    • Application Logo : (Optional) Your application's logo to use when needed (e.g., in email templates)
  3. Enter basic information for a default client, including:
    • Client Display Name : Client name to display when needed
    • Client Description : Short description of your client
    • Redirect URIs : List of URI approved for redirects for your application (e.g., redirect URI for magic links)

Application ID, Client ID, and Client Secret are automatically generated. You'll need the client credentials to obtain access tokens used to authorize Transmit API requests.