Manage B2B hosted login

Our flexible hosted login solution allows you to configure the way organization members access your app, tailoring the login flow and experience to a wide range of B2B use cases.

Manage authentication

By default, hosted B2B apps authenticate organization members using the experience configured for the application (see Manage login experience). However, B2B apps can also allow organizations to customize the authentication experience for their members. This can be achieved by either configuring SSO using an external IDP, or configuring which methods to use for a Transmit hosted authentication experience (via the organization's settings).


Organization-level login customizations override app-level settings. Any changes made to app settings later will not affect the organization-level settings.

Manage the login flow

The way organization member access your resources closely aligns with your company's business model. As a consequence, you can customize the initial login screen of your application according to your business model.

  • Identifier only : users enter their identifier and then proceed to authentication. In B2B apps, the user is authenticated to either the organization indicated in the request (if any), the organization corresponding to the user's email domain, the last organization they logged into, or directly to the app in case the user hasn't yet logged into an organization. This flow is suitable for B2C-only apps or B2B apps where each user belongs to only one organization.
  • Organization first : users select an organization before entering their identifier and are then logged into the organization they provided. This flow is recommended for B2B-only apps.
  • Identifier + organization : users can either enter their identifier or select an organization first. This flow is recommended for apps used for both B2B and B2C purposes. If users enter their identifier first and belong to multiple organizations, they will be presented with a selection of available organizations to choose from.