Authentication overview

Build frictionless and secure authentication experiences for your users across all their devices and channels.

Strong biometric MFA

Based on the FIDO2 WebAuthn standard, biometric login is secure, consistent, and convenient for your customers. Launch fast with a fully hosted experience, or use our APIs with your custom UI.

One-time login

Login users using a one-time code sent to their phone or email, or magic link sent to their email. This passwordless option allows users to login to a device that doesn't support WebAuthn biometrics, or a device that doesn't belong to them.

Social login

Social login allows customers to quickly authenticate with their existing social media accounts. Add this into your app to provide a fast and easy way for your customers to sign up, and minimize friction at checkout.

Password login

Password login allows you to authenticate users with a username and password, so you can smoothly migrate your customers from passwords to a passwordless solution.