Account protection overview

Account protection is a cloud service embedded into web and mobile apps to help enterprises confidently welcome trusted customers and keep the bad people out. Account protection detects risk in customer interactions on digital channels, and enables informed identity and trust decisions across the consumer experience. This is done by seamlessly monitoring user interactions across multiple channels in real-time and executing a dynamic risk engine that continuously assesses risk, challenges risky users, and elevates trust. This is aimed at reducing unauthorized access while keeping a frictionless experience and low false-positive rates.

Account protection leverages domain expertise and leading technology, offering:

  • Security research team
  • Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment
  • Trust elevation and fraud prevention
  • Fast integration of lightweight web and mobile SDKs
  • User profiling and behavioral anomaly
  • Bot detection
  • Behavioral biometrics
  • Advanced device and network analysis
  • Velocity and Link Analysis
  • Instant insights and visibility

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