Data collection

Using heuristics and machine learning models, Transmit Security turns telemetry into actionable risk and trust intelligence—so you can establish trust for your legitimate users and keep the bad actors away.

Your application sends us device telemetry by running detection and response code snippets when the page is loaded. Collected data is used to evaluate risk and trust based on conventional detection methods, as well as the innovative techniques developed by our very own Security Research Team using advanced machine learning (ML) models and statistical analysis.

Here are some examples of the type of data we collect:

  • Network information (IP address, user agent, etc.)
  • Hardware attributes (screen size, CPU, RAM, etc.)
  • Software attributes (timezone, supported fonts, etc.)
  • Application journey (website URLs, DOM properties, etc.)
  • Interactive events (clicks, mouse movements, etc.)
  • Anonymized user identifier

No personal user information is collected or stored by Transmit for risk assessment.