Manage users

Transmit provides advanced user management capabilities with extensible user profiles that can be reused across different apps. This enables creating tailor-made experiences for a set of users, where users of one app are treated as returning users when they login to a different app for the first time (see How users work).

You can manage users in the Admin Portal or via the Users APIs.

View or search users

The Users page presents a list of all your users, including basic details like the user's ID and email, when the user was created, and the last time the user logged in to an app. You can search for a specific user by email or mobile phone number using the search box on the top-right, and click a user to view the user's basic profile.

Create, edit, or delete users

You can manage your users from the Users page:

  • Create a user by clicking + Add Users , entering the user's email and/or phone number (at least one is required), and selecting which applications the user can access.
  • Edit a user by clicking and then Edit user .
  • Delete a user by clicking and then Delete .

Manage users' apps

Users can only access the apps to which they have been assigned (see App users). You can assign users to apps when you create the user via the Admin Portal. You can remove a user from specific apps by clicking and then Remove from apps.


Currently, an existing user can be assigned to additional apps implicitly when logging in to the application (if you allow authentication flows to create new users).

Manage user status

Change a user's status by clicking and then selecting the required status. The available options depend on the user's current status:

  • If the user is active or pending, you can select Suspend user . Suspended users are listed as Disabled and cannot log in to any apps.
  • If the user is disabled, you can select Activate user .

User profile

You can access a user profile from the Users page by clicking the relevant user in the table. These fields are displayed:

  • First Name : The user's first name.
  • Last Name : The user's last name.
  • Email : The user's email.
  • Phone Number : The user's mobile number.
  • Birthday : The user's birthday.
  • Language : The user's preferred language.
  • Address : The user's address: country, city, street address and type.

These fields are part of the common Transmit user attributes that are shared with all apps, and they can be edited in the Admin Portal. There are other common fields, as well as app-specific fields, that can be modified via the Users APIs.